Working groups


Public Relations Working Group brings together communication experts from member banks. Its goal is to provide solutions and recommendations for the challenges in public relations faced by banks and the CBA. The Working Group intensively processes the current issues related to the banking sector and provides guidelines for the most efficient communication with the media and the public and has done so in the period of a series of changes and challenges for the banking industry as a whole. In this way, it has strengthened the role of the PR activity of the CBA, which continues to play the strategic role of a ‘spokesperson’ for the entire sector.

E-invoicing Working Group has been engaged in the standardisation of e-payments and the e-CBA payment form. It was established in 2008 with the cooperation of the state, academic institutions and the private sector as the Committee for e-invoicing, which had two subcommittees – a technical committee and a business committee. Bank representatives were represented in both committees, and the committees prepared and presented a series of solutions. The CBA managing director is a member of the National Council for E-Business (NCEB) and actively participates in the adoption of the legal requirements for e-invoice to become a fully legal and practical replacement for hard-copy invoices. The greatest barrier to this was removed with the amendments to the VAT Ordinance in mid 2011, though implementation and supervision are still being defined. During 2012, the NCEB replaced the Committee for E-invoicing with the National Multi-stakeholder Forum for E-invoicing and its working groups, which transposed the similarly established forum at the EU level. Accession into the EU also means full alignment with Directive 2010/45, which makes hard-copy and e-invoices fully equivalent. Prior to this, though, we are aiming to remove the final barriers, both legal and technical, to ensure its rapid implementation into general use in the Republic of Croatia.

Ad hoc working groups - These are working groups which meet occasionally to deal with specific problems and issues as they arise. Usually set up for a short term, these groups try to offer proposals or solutions to competent Committees or the Executive Committee of the CBA.